Heartfelt Company Gifting

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Team + Clients.

No more generic gifts! We are here to provide your team and clients with a handcrafted, impact-first, cultural gift that will show them you care – about them and about supporting small businesses + underrepresented communities. 

You can choose to purchase a one-time holiday gift or a recurring gift each quarter. This Winter, we are delivering the Mexican Heritage Box by Areli Barrera de Grodski! The box will give your employees and clients an intercultural experience across the senses. It contains a personalized company note; a handwritten note from Areli; award-winning Tierra de mi Padre Coffee grown by a women's co-op in Nayarit, Mexico; cinnamon and piloncillo for café de olla; a copal and charcoal disc for incense; and a Spotify music playlist of Mexican pop music.

Go to our new company gifting site for more details!