Louisa | CEO, Feast by Louisa


Hi, I’m Louisa. I’m enthralled – obsessed, you might say – by the food of Iran. I also love to cook healthy, vegetable centric, seasonal food. These two passions are my creative compass in life.

I make my living doing Persian food pop-ups, writing cookbooks, consulting, developing recipes, and teaching cooking classes. I’ve published two cookbooks, The New Persian Kitchen and Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life. And with a dear friend, I started a line of beautiful, eco-friendly cookware called Magpie Cookshop.

After living in Philly and Brooklyn for many years, I now live in Nashville, TN with my husband James, and our son Dante Bijan. I’m really enjoying living – and eating – in the South. Ironically, because Nashville boasts the country’s biggest Kurdish population, I now have many more places to shop for Persian ingredients, and access to the best baklava I’ve ever eaten.