Grace | CEO, Iber! Naturals


Since coming to the U.S. in 2008, it was almost impossible for me to find information and products that worked for my skin and my hair. It was disorienting to see the beauty industry mainly catering to white hair and skin needs, something I was not used to coming from Africa.

After much experimentation, research, and consulting friends with similar experiences, I discovered natural oils and butters like lavender, shea butter, and Jamaican black castor oil. These products changed my relationship with my body for the better - I have not looked back since!

I created Iber! Naturals as a way to bring visibility to Africa’s natural gifts and knowledge in skin and hair care. Pronounced ee-bair, "iber" is a statement used to express the meaning "you are beautiful." It is a statement from the language of the Luo people, a proud Nilotic tribe from East Africa with origins along the River Nile. When one exclaims "Iber!", they capture the joy and wonder that natural beauty can inspire.

Our culture has inspired me to share the knowledge of African beauty with our diaspora. The ingredients we use honor ancient knowledge passed down from our ancestors. It is our duty to celebrate, educate, and connect you closer to the source through 100% handmade, natural African-tested ingredients.

It is important to share the solutions I have found with others because I know just how much our hair and skin can impact our sense of pride and self-esteem, and I wanted to celebrate that our African roots have the answers. My message through this work is that you are already beautiful. The products and information shared is designed to help enhance the natural beauty that already exists within you.